These are links of other Minecraft based card games and board games that I know of thus far. If you'd like to check them out or support them, here they are!

Minecraft Card Games
  1. Minecards (Trading Card Game)
  2. Acaroa's Trading Card Game - Found on Deviant Art
  3. M-TCG (Pokemon-like Trading Card Game)
  4. Minecraft Trading Cards (Trivia Based?) Unfinished- Work in Progress
  5. Realm Based Minecraft Card Game (Also Trading Cards?) Open to public modification
  6. Smiley's Survival Card Game (Just started)
The first link, for Minecards goes to an actual website. Minecards is the only complete game on the list that I know of. Acaroa's card game and M-TCG also seem to be fairly close to completion in comparison to the others. It seems like a lot of people try to create trading cards however, maybe there needs to be better differentiation.

Minecraft Board Games
  1. Resource Mining Board Game
  2. Card/Board Game DnD Based
  3. Minecraft Chess
  4. Dicecraft (From Minecon)
All of the board games seem pretty well thought out, although I would think the Minecraft Chess game will be the easiest to implement, the board is already set up and the rules don't need to be changed.

Remember, if you know of any other Minecraft card or board games and want me to refer to them here, let me know.

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