Get the game

Manufacturer Copy
Download the Card Game to Print
Pros: Free to download and print
Cons: Low quality, manually cut out cards

Purchase the deck made through a manufacturer
Pros: High quality cards, front & backside printing
Cons: Price ($11.20 & shipping)

Remember: You can print anyway you like, these are just suggestions.

Instructions for Downloading the Card Stock Deck

Step 1: Download the files from Mediafire

Step 2: Use a program like 7zip or Winrar to unzip the file. there is no longer any password.

Step 3 (optional): Find a UPS store near you and print the cards on cardstock
Remember, printing at UPS is not free, they charge about ~$7-8 depending on the location.
Click Here:
Find a UPS store near you, find their contact information including email. Email the store and find out how you can send the card files through email. You need to go to the store to get it printed.