About the Game

Minecraft the Card Game is FREE to download in the "Get the Game" page of this website. 

The Goal
The basic goal is to collect resources such as wood, stone, etc. while dodging mobs who show up occasionally in the resource piles. Once you collect the necessary resources you can craft items. By crafting different items and completing certain tasks within the game, you can score achievement cards! Different achievements hold different point values. First player to get 15 points wins! This is a two player game

In Summary:
Collect Resources => Craft Items => Score Achievements
First player to get 15 points wins.

Note: Always feel free to modify the rules as you see fit. However, if you still need more to learn how to play Minecraft the Card Game, visit the video tutorials section of this website. Otherwise, all card decks come with four rule cards that go over everything you need to know.

The Gameplay
Players take turns. In each turn you can:
1. Draw one resource card from either cave/outside
2. Drop one resource card that you do not need
3. Craft one crafting item if you have the required resources
4. Drop one crafted item that you do not need

Inventory Rules
You can hold a maximum of:
Resource Cards: 7
Crafting Cards: 7 (incl. Crafting Table)
Achievement Cards: N/A (used to track score)

Overall Set Up

Setting up the game is fairly simple. There are 108 cards total including four cards explaining the rules. You also need one die to use for the mob cards. (ex: Zombie, Creeper, etc.)

The rest of the cards are separated into four separate decks. Two decks are for the resource cards, one is for the crafting cards, and the last is for achievements. There is also one die that you need only for mob encounters which are based on chance.

The players take turns drawing from either resource pile. They can also draw one crafting card on their turn if they have the necessary resources. Achievements are taken whenever you meet the tasks on the achievement cards.

Resource Set Up
The resource cards are split up into the outside deck and cave deck. The resource cards are flipped upside down so that you do not know which card you are picking up on your turn. You can tell if a resource card is outside or in the cave by the background of the picture on the card.

The cave deck contains mobs:
  • 2 skeletons
  • 2 zombies
  • 2 spiders
  • 1 creeper
The outside deck contains 1 creeper (for balancing purposes)