Thursday, March 14, 2013

For Manufacturer's Card Deck

This post was created specifically for anyone requesting the manufacturer's card deck for Minecraft the Card Game. Basically, it is the same deck with the dimensions modified (831 x 1123) so that it can be easily submitted to the company that I've successfully printed cards from in the past. (Printer Studio)

You can download the Manufacturer Version here
Printer Studio's Website here
(If there is still a password on the file, the password is

Basic Instructions:
1. Go to Printer Studio's website via the link. It takes you to the custom card deck order page
2. Choose Deck Size: 108 Cards
3. Click Personalize It
4. Enter # of Card Fronts: 108. Click different image for all fronts under image & text.
5. On the card upload page, upload each front image of the cards. You can then drag the image to the card spaces on this page, and then adjust the card so that it centers around the edges of the printable space.
6. If you click next step (after uploading all 108 card front images), there is a customize page for adding text. Just skip that step and click Next Step.
7. Enter # of Card Backs: 1 (Only One! Because you use it for all the card backs). Click same image for all backs under image & text.
8. On the card upload page, upload the back image for the card deck. Drag image to the card space and adjust as you see fit.
9. Skip the customize step again.
10. You can see the preview before adding to the cart. And then you're done!

Video Instructions for uploading to Printer Studio's website:

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Card Game Recommendations

I don't often post in this blog/website and I thought a good way of increasing content here was to provide recommendations for other card games and board games. Some other options besides recommendations and reviews are tips and resources for building your own card game or board game.

Card Game Recommendation #1: Monopoly Deal

Monopoly Deal is a Hasbro game based off of the actual board game, Monopoly. A friend introduced me to Monopoly Deal a while back and I was pleasantly surprised by how much fun the game mechanics turned out to be. Each player starts with 5 cards. On each turn you can draw 2 more cards. Up to 3 cards can be played on a turn by either putting money or action cards into a personal bank, putting down properties, and playing action cards from your bank into the center. There are many different action cards such as force rent, double the rent, steal an entire set, force a property swap, etc. The general strategy comes into play by making the best decision on which cards to utilize since you will want to play all of your cards at once. But you can't earn any money from your opponents, and thus weaken their position, without having these cards out on the table. Like in the board game, people can take your properties, and that increases the tension in Monopoly Deal.

Reasons to buy Monopoly Deal:
  • Fast paced card game that works well with different age groups
  • Game mechanics that are simplified without losing the essence of Monopoly
  • Unique game play despite being based off the original board game.
I can't think of any specific cons except that there is too much money in comparison to property cards which often result in the losing players having a lot of money. This is a little strange but one way it can possibly be fixed is by buying two decks and taking some of the extra property cards out of one game in order to add them to your other game.

Buy the Game here to get a $5 Bonus on Hasbro Games

Note: Just to be clear, this is an Amazon referral link and a portion of Amazon's sale is allocated to me. I don't intend to include any links to Amazon without stating that fact. I will also have an Amazon referral widget on the sidebar from now on. This is simply another method of advertising, but I will not overload the blog with advertisements. The only advertisements that will be on this site will be the google advertisement on the side and the Amazon product that is promoted. Thanks, leave comments if you have any!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Removal of Card Manufacturer Option

Unfortunately I will have to remove the option for purchasing Minecraft the Card Game through a separate card manufacturer.

When I offered the option to allow the card game to be purchased through a manufacturer, I could not help the users who had issues with the game not arriving or being of unsatisfactory quality since I do not have any control over the manufacturing process.

Since it has come to my attention that some users have had such issues in dealing with the manufacturer, I believe it is safer to only offer the download option. (There is of course the legal liability issue anyway, so I guess I'm killing two birds with one stone. I just wish it wasn't such a bloody mess.)

Edit- keep in mind, the download option is still available. However, if someone really wants to get the manufacturer's version you'll have to talk to me directly and after a word of warning I'll give you the resized card deck download that is compatible with their card printing machine.


Update: The card manufacturer option has been put back up but with a different company. Shipping costs more because it is international depending on which shipping option you use. Sorry for being a flip flopper on this.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Minecraft the Card Game now Available through TheGameCrafter

New Option for Getting Minecraft the Card Game:
  • Cheaper price (Mainly the shipping charge should be less)
  • Includes Box for the 108 Card Deck
  • And faster shipping in the U.S. (U.S. based company)

Update- Minecraft the Card Game should now be purchasable through here.

Minecraft the Card Game is being sold at cost. Basically this means that the manufacturer will be paid back for their supplies, efforts, and shipping. However, there will be no profit margin for me. I am trying to keep the game at the most affordable price, and don't expect to make money out of the new deal. Let me know if you have any trouble, or questions.
From thegamecrafter Website

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Great Debugging Process!

Currently having a minor contest of sorts. Not really a contest but I just need people to help me find spelling errors and such in the card deck for Minecraft the Card Game. I'm giving away a random indie game on the steam platform to the person who finds the most errors.

You can find more information and post your findings here:

Update- Well this failed miserably, awesome. Through default the winner was johnnny912 since other interested participants dropped out for various reasons (illegibility, incompatibility on iphone). Anyways, fixes that I partially plan on implementing:

  1. Animal Lover - the "points are added at the game end" should be the points are added at the end of the game or when the game ends, something like that
  2. Bread crafting card - homemade should be 1 word
  3. Creeper card - "That's why his legs are so ugly. But don't tell him that." should be "That's why his legs are so ugly(,) (b)ut don't tell him that."
  4. I think the card, easy as cake, should be a piece of cake, because i think you're referring to the expression easy as pie
  5. flint and steel card - hearts should be heart's
  6. furnace card - i think converts raw porkchop to porckchop should be converts raw porkchop to cooked porkchop... just my opinion
  7. grass card - i think the "it is required for growing crops" part should be in the required for section instead of being in the description part
  8. iron card - i think "used in many crafting items" should be "used for crafting many items"
  9. pickaxe card - for the requirements i think it should say Wood(,) and either Cobblestone, iron, or diamond
  10. rule card - Setup should be one word
  11. rule2 card -"When you craft an item(,) you no longer need to keep....." "However(,) you may want to keep the item....."
  12. rule3 card - "... to force a shuffle(,) but will drop the tnt..."
  13. rule 4 card - "...takes up a crafting move(,) so you cannot craft..." "if you die, unfortunately(,) you will have to start over."
  14. sheep card - you spelt obstaclse instead of obstacles
  15. spider card - "They also can jump, and wall climb" should be "they can also jump and climb walls."
  16. sword card - same as error #9, and for the action section it should be "Use(d) to attack mobs"

Monday, January 30, 2012

New Web Design, Layout

The website has been redesigned to make it a little easier on the eyes. I thought the dark layout didn't look too appealing. Also, the download links have been changed to clickable "Download" image buttons. Clicking on a download button refers to a link which will forward you to the appropriate MediaFire link. The reason I switched over to MediaFire, for those of you who don't know, is because Megaupload's entire website has been taken down. Either way, downloading should be simple and quick.

Note: One worry I have about the redesign is that mobile web users may have a more constrained browsing experience. I've noticed that there is some decent traffic coming from iPhone and Android smart phones. I don't really know why anyone would want to see this website on a mobile device...


Saturday, December 31, 2011

Over 110 Downloads and increasing!

I'm glad to see that people are downloading the game. Remember if you are having trouble printing the cards at the right size or have any other issue feel free to comment and ask questions! Alternatively, you can always use the forum!

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